General Information

Setting- Earth Plus, 2015
System- d20 Modern
Number of regular players- 2

This is a cinematic-style d20 Modern game, with very little magic or “FX” abilities involved.
Its not so much that magic does not exist, but for the purposes in the GM’s homebrew Earth Plus setting, magic is an old, dead, forgotten thing; an ancient and terrible eldritch force that rarely is seen by men now, and when it is, its written off as an optical illusion, a hoax, something best dismissed lest the observer have to live with a truth they would rather not know about. Few, if any, can even accept or understand the mysterious forces that occasionally seep in, let alone command them.

The characters’ worldview begins to skew and get all bent out of shape as they encounter things that they can hardly believe are real, even when brought before their very eyes. They traverse the globe, seeking out ancient artifacts in forgotten places, battling primal monsters and beasts that would make most men weep and degrade into madness, exploring all sorts of mysterious locations; all in the employ of an exceedingly eccentric, obscenely wealthy, and suspiciously secretive benefactor who may or may not be a Nazi.

Or Rasputin. Or a Wizard. Its hard to tell, really; the whole thing seems a bit….. strange, doesn’t it?

The Calm Before The Storm