The Calm Before The Storm

Unsafe Working Conditions
Do We Get Hazard Pay?

Hans and Rigsdale, within 6 weeks, were assigned yet another crate to retrieve; this one in some forgotten corner of northern Bolivia. The two were easily able to secure transport and preparations; their skill and discretion have earned them a sizable fortune from Mr. Ross.

In La Paz, the team secured provisions and donkeys to travel in the Bolivian jungle. The two were warned by locals that the territory was a no-mans-land occupied and controlled by a local group of narco-terrorist rebels; remnants of Roberto Gomez’ old “La Corporacion” syndicate.

Undeterred, the German and Iowan set off to the last known location of the crate. One night, the camp was disturbed by a patrolling group of the aforementioned narco-militia, ending in several provisions and supplies being stolen, and Johnathan nearly being killed; the group also made off with Vera, Mr. Rigsdale’s prized custom FAL rifle.

Vowing to track down the marauders, the team soon found the makeshift road used to transport their drugs to town, and set a trap, resulting in the death of several of the rebels and the team gaining the use of a vehicle, which was promptly rigged with explosives. The subsequent assault was as incredible as it was efficient; the camp was utterly destroyed in a display of violence and mayhem not seen around those parts before or since. Flaming corpses, ruined buildings, and remains of exploded truck carcasses, strewn about; the smell of burning cocaine hanging in the air as the toxic smoke billowed into the air, and burnt bodies piled around the camp.

Having retrieved their gear, Hans and Rigsdale also came across their objective crate in the ruins. Upon notifying their employer of their findings, including the camp, a helicopter was soon dispatched, accompanied by a Bolivian military escort, to retrieve the players; The miltary secured the now obliterated camp and burned the coca fields while the Guttmann helo carted the team back to La Paz.

Upon return to New York and delivery of the package, the duo was given a generous bonus by Mr. Ross; an all expenses paid, fully comped weekend at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, in Las Vegas.

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Playing In The Sand
Gainful Employment

Within three months, the characters are contacted by Mr. Attlebury, who informs them of another exciting opportunity at Guttmann; Mr. Ross was greatly pleased with the duo’s results on the last sojourn, and would like them to retrieve yet another piece of his misplaced property, this time in Egypt.

The two prepared themselves with provisions and gear for the desert climate, and eventually made their way to the location where Mr. Ross believes it most likely is; 100 miles west of the fabled Valley Of The Kings. Encountering no trouble on the trip out, the two soon came upon yet another eerie remnant of the Third Reich; ruins of a forgotten, abandoned, SS Anhnenerbe camp. No doubt the occupants left in a hurry when Monty came rolling through.

The team at length found themselves in some ancient and forgotten tomb, deep underground. Upon finding, and failing to solve, a mysterious puzzle involving a large sarcophagi and kinopic jars, the team faced yet more horrors made of that which haunts men’s nightmares. Mummies, those ancient and accursed undead from the eons of pharaohs, rose up and attacked; their undying rage and ire for those who would disturb their sacred place fueling them in their onslaught. Hans was afflicted with a curious case of necrosis that was later treated at a hospital in Cairo.

But eventually, the target was found, yet another crate, open, containing what the duo discerned to being the missing kinopic jar necessary to open the elaborate sarcophagus decorated with a relief of what the team assumed to be Isis. It was found in the clutches of a skeletal figure in a threadbare and decayed SS uniform. Hans kept what little decorations and insignia were salvageable (being the military historian he is; especially German military history).

Once again, the crate was returned to Mr. Ross at his executive office at Boss Tower 1 where he thanked the two men for their services and dismissed them, waving off any serious questions. Mr. Ross seemed more secretive about this discovery, and was notably more…. peculiar in his demeanor at the debriefing.

By this point, the party has decided that Mr. Ross in some way or another being secretive about his past; having refused to answer questions directly relating to it. The team begins to suspect him of something vaguely… not right. However, the more than ample pay and generous benefits (Mr. Ross has already greatly increased their net worth), in addition to fear and respect felt for the richest man on earth, they grin and bear it, continuing to work in his employ.

Now Hiring

So far, the party consists of John, a part time African safari guide who dabbles in urban exploring and other adventurous pursuits, and Hans, a Bavarian foodie who is former “Black-Ops” and a collector of various vintage military miscellany.

Both work for Guttmann Security Solutions, a PMC icorporated in Cape Town, South Africa, which specializes in personal, asset, and event security, as well as asset retrieval and private investigations. Hans has been with the company two years now, and is an Operator 1st Class; John is technically hired on an “as-needed” basis as a “self employed sub-contractor” for individual assignments. His proper title is “Private Consultant; Asset Retrieval Specialist”.

For their first assignment, the duo was briefed that a very special client of Guttmann would require asset retrieval services; as some of his property had gone missing when a the trading vessel sent from Afghanistan, the Al-Walar, never reached its destination of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

After arriving on location, the team soon gleaned that the ship had been missing since February 1945! After some expert research and greasing the palms of a particularly swarthy City Records Clerk, the two were able to track the lost freighter to its last known location, and from there find the tiny island it had beached on during a night of particularly bad weather. There, they breached the ship, explored its contents, and deftly recovered their objective, a small, numbered, wooden crate bearing, like all the others in the ship, a very familiar looking bird clutching that all too obvious symbol, the Swastika.

Excursions into other areas of the ship revealed the true nature of the vessel; a false flag ship, the Al-Walar was actually a Kriegsmarine freighter, commandeered by Himmler and the SS, to funnel supplies, mostly SS Ahnenerbe equipment, but some armaments as well, out of Afghanistan with the aid of the Nazi-funded Muslim Brotherhood, and into General Peron’s Nazi-friendly fascist Argentina.

Among the ruins of the derelict vessel, they encountered spoils of their own, including new-in-crate MG42’s, and a pair of rare StG.44’s. However, they also found a strange, beuatiful, and enormous statue that later moved and came alive before their very eyes!

It couldn’t be! But it was; a dragon! That ancient beast of primal myth, that thing which all men fear. They barely escaped with the crate and their lives, as the monster flew away into the darkening sky.

Upon returning, the team of now shaken and certainly awestruck retrievers delivered the crate personally to the client, who turned out to be none other than eccentric uber-billionaire Benjamin Ross , who opened the crate to verify it was his property, and upon desperate request revealed it to be a simple, but positively millennial, bronze spear-head. The characters were given leave and Hans returned to his normal duties; naturally the two were greatly compensated for their time, efforts, and most of all, discretion.


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