Earth Plus


Earth Plus is essentially our modern Earth, with a few key variations. Magical and supernatural forces of all sorts at one time in the past were commonly understood and accepted. That is not to say, however, that anyone could pick up a spellbook and start warping reality to his whim, nor is it to imply that werewolves, unicorns, and other mythic beasts could be found at every turn. An accurate representation would be that even common people of the old days, with their limited education, understood what magic was (though largely never understood how it worked), and how it affected them in their daily lives. People who lived near certain bleak forests would wear talismans of silver to ward off were-beasts, gods were worshiped who may or may not have walked with men and granted favor, a Pharaohs curse was a viable and real threat, and everyone knew not to cross the queer old man with the long beard and the books.

But then it all changed.

At some point or another, the well dried up, as they say, and for reasons not entirely certain to anyone at the time, most supernatural forces and elements ebbed away; magic is dead and long forgotten. By the time the crusades came around, the few fantastic things remaining in this world were killed, burned, confiscated, sealed, and otherwise purged into oblivion.

The Age of Enlightenment came, further eschewing “the old ways”, delving into science and philosophy; the only esoteric theories and debates were philosophical in nature. By the time the Industrial Revolution hit and the Modern Age spewed forth from it, all that talk of dragons and fairies became silly children’s tales. No one actually believes in vampires; they have become a pop-culture trope for young girls and “brooding, misunderstood artistic types”. This is mostly because there hasn’t been a serious accusation of sorcery since the time of those infamous trials at Salem, but partly because somewhere, deep in the twisted hollows of man’s primal fears and subconscious, we are glad to be rid of it. It is easier to live in a world where you are at the top of the food chain; its best for all not to explore or discuss such things.

People of Note

Benjamin Ross
Roger Ericson
James Attlebury
Francis McGinty
Jack Morton
Roman Nevikov
Henry Williams

Significant Organizations

FBI Special Investigations Division
Boss Enterprises
Guttmann Security Solutions

Earth Plus

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